Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Emma Hart Willard School. My name is Megan Sirois and I am the building principal.

As a school, we are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students. Our work contributes to the district goals of a K-12 education as articulated in the Berlin Learner Outcomes. “As a result of their K-12 learning experiences and ongoing reflection, students will become increasingly capable of making effective decisions, solving meaningful problems, and influencing positive changes in their lives and the lives of others.”  Together, as a school and district, we work to cultivate kind and compassionate citizens, mindful and responsive collaborators, effective communicators, resilient and discerning problem solvers, and innovative and imaginative designers. 

At Willard School, it is our mission to actualize the Berlin Learner Outcomes and ensure that our students become strategic readers and flexible problem solvers, who have the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively. Ultimately, the goal of education is for students to become life-long learners that employ their unique talents with passion, purpose, and pride. To this end, the staff provides a wide-range of learning experiences that are both rigorous and purposeful. Participation in music, art, library, and PE provide physical and creative outlets that promote increased academic success. 

Our talented staff works collaboratively to provide a standards-based curriculum for approximately 450 students ranging from Pre-K to Grade 5. Through a shared commitment to student achievement, the staff at Willard supports each child by providing a structured, respectful, and nurturing learning environment. Our professional community is committed to student success and embraces each child as an individual with diverse capabilities. Working diligently to encourage students to achieve their highest potential and become reflective, self-directed learners, instructional strategies focus on providing experiences that are motivating, engaging, meaningful and authentic, allowing students to apply their learning to a variety of contexts. Our staff acknowledges the importance of embracing the whole child, addressing social/emotional needs as well as academics. Classrooms at Willard School foster risk-taking, ingenuity, curiosity, and critical thinking. 

Here at Willard School, we are committed to continuous improvement and cultivating a strong learning culture for both staff and students. This is achieved through our commitment to professional growth in service of student achievement. Staff members participate in a variety of professional development experiences that enhance their instructional approaches and understanding of elementary students. 

Willard School is a bucket-filling school. We work to develop empathetic, respectful, responsible, and engaged citizens. Responsive approaches are used to foster an environment of support and encouragement. Our motto is that if you are filling buckets, then you are showing your “Willard Pride”. 

Technology plays an important role within each of the classrooms at Willard School. Classrooms are equipped with SMART-Boards, Chromebooks, iPads, and document cameras, all of which are used to enhance the overall student learning experience. In addition, our students utilize technology to support their understanding of various topics and learning concepts. Our faculty and staff believe that technology can have a strong impact on student learning and achievement. Students are taught to use technology in a safe and appropriate manner, becoming digitally responsible citizens both at school and while at home.

We embrace parents as partners and acknowledge the significant role that parent and community partnerships play in student success. We are fortunate to have an active parent community that supports our school and the education of all students. Our PTO works closely with the administration to provide students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities. 

The Willard website provides information for all members of our school community. Please visit the website frequently for important announcements and upcoming events. We look forward to your partnership in ensuring that the year ahead is memorable and successful for all.

Megan Sirois


Megan Sirois

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