Special Education

The Berlin Public School System is strongly committed to supporting students in their least restricted environment. The special education services provided to our students have been developed to support this concept. We believe that a continuum of placement options must be provided to meet the unique and individual needs of our students. Students may be serviced in a variety of settings which include: co-teaching within the general education classroom, learning center, semi-self-contained classroom, self-contained classroom, transition within the community, and out of district placements.


SPED  Guidance

Special Education Teachers
Diane Drapeau-Foyer
Jane Ponkos
Kari Deegan
Meagan Ball

School Psychologist
Cheyenne Valinsky

Social Worker
Brittney Lustrinelli


Ali Curran
Lisa Murphy -Board Certified
Assistant Behavior Analyst

BLAST Program
Emily McCoy
Alex Ivimey

 ATOTPT speech and language pathologists
OT, PT, and Assistive Technology
Jessica Garrity
Michelle Hayward
Karen Daigle
Kathy Kanya
Kim Pier

Speech and Language Pathologists
Jackie DeBarge
Joan Schmidt
Stacey DelGiorno




Linda Holian

Linda Holian
Director of Special Education

  Michelle Zeuschne

Michelle Zeuschner, Ed.D
Supervisor of Special Education Pre-K - 5